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faux wedding florals - perfect for style led couples mindful of our environment

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

As an wedding event florist for many years I was horrified by the waste that I witnessed, from the use of floral foam and the cellophane that the fresh flowers were wrapped in, to the single use containers and even the designs themselves that were used for one day and discarded the following morning. Before we had even had the chance to use the flowers they had already travelled many miles, sometimes from Africa to Holland and then onto the UK.

I wanted to provide a service that ensured that every couple could have timeless, luxurious floral designs with zero waste. I promised myself that nothing would be thrown away the morning after an event - that couples could enjoy large, beautiful, decadent displays without worrying about the impact on the environment.

I invested heavily in incredibility realistic, high quality, luxury faux flowers, with exquisite detailing. I only wanted to offer a luxurious product and I treasure each beautiful stem, so that it can be reused creatively again and again to create stunning displays, from dramatic table centrepieces to wild, overgrown floral columns.

Fine Art Faux is the result of two great passions - beautiful design and sustainability - the perfect solution for style led couples!



The versatility of faux - several winter designs all made with the same stems!

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