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Ethereal Beauty - Our Spring Collection

Updated: May 7, 2020

Pure, heavenly, ethereal - twisted vines of honeysuckle and clematis weave their way through delicate blossom branches, frilled tulips and fragile trailing foliage.

We have designed a collection of exquisite pieces to adorn your venue, beautifully co-ordinated with one another, from elegant pew ends and luxurious table centres to a wild and dramatic archway. These pieces can be moved around throughout your day, ensuring that each element of your wedding is styled impeccably. Carefully curated accessories include soaring lanterns up to one metre high and tealights in cut glass whiskey tumblers, providing the most romantic ambience - perfectly showcasing our luxury faux flowers.


Faux floral spring arch and table centrepiece for hire, Essex
Spring Wedding Faux Flowers

No one will ever forget the iconic photographs of Harry and Meghan leaving St George’s Chapel, surrounded by the most incredible archways of leafy foliage and English country garden roses. The effect was breathtaking.

I have created some wild and romantic archways, providing the most beautiful backdrop for making your vows to one another and declaring 'I Do'!

This collection is an exquisite combination of the most delicate spring flowers, creating the most sensational setting that will look decadent, luxurious and timeless in your wedding photographs. Branches of willow and salal create a wild, loose and natural look - the perfect representation of an English country garden in spring time.


Faux floral spring table centrepiece for hire, Essex
Spring Faux Flower Table Centrepiece

Our grand overflowing table centrepieces create the most incredible tablescape. Combine with coloured runners, linens and tableware to create a bespoke style and colour palette for your wedding. The slim yet tall silver vases ensure guests are able to converse easily and the raised height of the arrangements once again ensures the photographs look spectacular with your venue filled with flowers.

We also have smaller table arrangements available, again in a loose and natural design.

Faux flower spring table centrepiece for hire in Essex
Low spring table centrepiece


Spring Faux Flower peony pew end for hire Essex
Spring faux flower peony pew end

Our elegant pew ends celebrate the exquisite beauty of a single cream peony, adorned with naturally dyed silk ribbon. from Lancaster & Cornish. These pew ends can be used after the ceremony as chairs backs, ensuring your top table is styled to perfection!


Top Table Faux Garland for hire with Cut Glass Whiskey Tumbler tea lights, Essex
Top Table Faux Garland with Cut Glass Whiskey Tumbler tea lights

Feathery garlands of asparagus fern wind their way across the top table, with cut glass whiskey tumblers lighting their path.


Spring faux wedding flowers for hire, cream tulip, Essex
Faux spring tulip

Spring wedding faux flowers for hire, Essex
Spring Wedding Faux Flowers

As trained event florists who have adored working with fresh flowers for so many years, we could only use a brand who produced an exquisite product. We searched far and wide and found the most beautiful range. The flowers are incredibly realistic with the most intricate details, from frilled petals to delicate stamens.

Each beautiful stem is a work of art, which we look after with great care.


“Seasonal blooms in a soft colour palette create a timeless and classic design. Accessories such as naturally dyed silk ribbon and table linen can be used to create a bespoke aesthetic”

The colour palette has been purposefully designed to be timeless and elegant. Colour can be injected through bridesmaid gowns, table linens and accessories such as naturally dyed silk ribbon and candles to create a bespoke look, unique to each couple.

Soft greys and creams beautifully complement the design but soft blues and pinks would also complement the spring time scheme.

Metallics also lend themselves perfectly, as seen in the photograph below, providing a subtle, shimmering touch of luxe.


Fine Art Faux has 6 beautiful lanterns with remote controlled LED wax candles as part of the collection, which create a dramatic addition to any aisle or ceremony space. They can be used throughout the day to ensure all elements of your wedding benefit from such stunning pieces. The largest lantern soars up to one metre high and looks spectacular due to its grand scale.

Lanterns with whiskey tumbler tealights for hire in Essex
Lanterns with whiskey tumbler tealights

We also have tealights for hire, presented in cut glass whiskey tumblers - a classic design ensuring your wedding is lit beautifully. Couples often forget about lighting but it is these fine details that create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Whiskey tumbler tealights for hire in Essex
Whiskey tumbler tealights

The designs are delivered and installed personally by the trained florists at Fine Art Faux. The perfect collection for style and luxury led couples who share our passion for protecting the environment, without compromising on design.

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